Millennia 21st Century Academy is an Independent trusted professional advisor that will assist and lead clients in discovering and helping solve their biggest problems, and in achieving their desired outcomes through practical and readily applicable solutions

Products and Services


21CA prides itself in partnering with our clients’ to transform their business for the better with a combination of training and consultancy services, at an optimal pace, unobtrusively.

Tailored Solutions

We are focusing on four key service areas of 21st Century Skills. These solutions can be both in-house, and off site, and in the form of Seminars, Workshops, Hands-on Trainings and Blended Learning.

In-house Trainings

Our core business is helping our clients to find and solve their biggest problems. Every solution that we propose and implement will be customized, direct and efficient, while ensuring that the day to day operations of the business are not disrupted.

Public Trainings

We offer various workshops and seminars that could augment the skills of your workforce for the better. Our workshops and seminars are developed by teams of both local and international experts in various fields across major industries.